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RADIO 15-50 Radio en vivo

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RADIO 15-50 is a popular radio channel located in the city of Puno, Perú. The channel caters to the local population in Puno as well as surrounding regions. It offers a wide range of programming throughout the day that includes news, sports, music, and cultural events. The channel is known for its informative and entertaining shows that keep listeners engaged and informed about the latest news and events from the region and beyond.

Some of the key programs on RADIO 15-50 include morning shows featuring the latest news updates, talk shows discussing local and national issues, music programs featuring traditional Peruvian music, and cultural shows that help promote the rich indigenous culture of Puno. The channel has a diverse schedule, providing listeners with a wide range of programming throughout the day.

Overall, RADIO 15-50 is a top choice for anyone looking for quality programming in Puno, Perú. With an informative and entertaining lineup of shows, this channel is sure to keep listeners entertained and informed no matter what their interests may be. Visit their website at https://www.radio1550.com/ for more information.
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Escuchar RADIO 15-50 en la app radio.net