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Lo Maximo FM 92.3 Radio en vivo

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Lo Maximo FM 92.3 is a popular radio station based in Lima, Perú. It has a significant following and is aimed at listeners across various regions of the country, including Lima and its surrounding suburbs. The radio station broadcasts a range of programs daily, seven days a week, starting from early morning to late at night. With its programming geared towards the youth of Peru, the station plays a mix of music genres, such as electronic, pop, rock, and Latin American music. It also includes interactive shows where listeners can participate and contribute to discussions on a variety of topics. In addition to music and talk shows, Lo Maximo FM 92.3 provides news and weather updates regularly to keep listeners informed. The station's website, https://lomaximofm92.blogspot.com/, features additional information about the station, its programs, and events.
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Escuchar Lo Maximo FM 92.3 en la app radio.net